Yogic State

A boutique yoga studio offering small group and private sessions
29A Barry Ave, Mortdale
My career in TV was fun, exciting, fast paced and extremely demanding but that left no time for nurturing myself, my emotions, my mental health or my body.
A year ago, I left my TV producing job after 14 years of intense, hard work. I set myself a goal to do nothing for a year except reflect, observe, understand and try to heal all of my emotional pain in order to find more peace and happiness in my life. It’s still evolving.
I had no idea how my state of mind affected my physical body.
When I was younger, I harboured a lot of dark emotions. I was a shy and worried little kid. As I grew older, I started to develop deeper feelings of anger and guilt and before I knew it, I was an adult full of resentment and insecurities. The world became a hunting ground for me to find happiness, love and validation. I was a validation vampire. Working so hard in the TV industry, I was trying to prove that I was ‘someone’ – but as work consumed my existence, I felt like I was losing any scope of why I was living anymore. I was stressed, tired and my hips and lower back experienced so much tension from travelling, shooting for long hours and dealing with highly emotional situations. This was when yoga attracted me. When I first started practicing yoga, it was purely about releasing all that physical tension.
Yoga is much more than the physical practice for me now. I’ve realised how my past emotions, stress, life’s pressures and illusions have been trapped energetically in both my mental & physical body. For me, it’s now about letting go of that emotional stress and putting all my awareness on healing. It’s about finding the yogic state of calm, peace, kindness and self-love. Once I let go of the ego and discovered this state, my poses started getting deeper, my flexibility and mobility increased and I feel a little more peaceful, calm & strong. Yoga is changing me.
During my year off, I visited an acupuncture clinic across the road. As the lovely lady stuck needles in my head, she asked me what I do and I explained to her my story. Almost immediately, she offered me a small space upstairs. With faith in the universe, I accepted her offer and began a windy road of renovations, business documents, web design, photoshoots, marketing, bloody social media and putting myself out there. So here I am. New to small business, scared but willing, Yogic State Boutique Yoga Studio is born. Opening January 6, 2020.
I am a student first and foremost but as a teacher, and business owner – my mission is to help men and women in need of releasing stress in order to find their own interpretation of peace, strength, flexibility, happiness and maybe one day, bliss.

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  1. Highly recommend, great yoga classes

    Best yoga that I’ve experienced in a long time. Derryn is an awesome teacher. The whole community is very welcoming and not intimadating at all. I really look forward to my classes. Thankyou!

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Yogic State