Postcard From Napoli

Authentic Italian made fresh in Oatley
Shop 2/93 Mulga Rd, Oatley

Our mission is to let you feel as if you are in a little restaurant down in Napoli, where the atmosphere is vibrating, the food is beautiful and everything is authentic.

Our authentic Neapolitan Pizzas are made following Neapolitan culture and tradition, beginning with our wood fire oven, traditionally crafted by Stefano Ferrara in Napoli and shipped to Australia. Our dough is raised for at least 24 hours at room temperature, hand stretched and baked for 60 to 90 seconds at 450 degrees.
Topped with our special pizza sauce – made from the world famous San Marzano tomatoes, which grow on the fertile soil of Mount Vesuvius, the active volcano of Napoli. The unique taste of San Marzano Tomatoes is essential to making our Pizza characteristic & delicious.
The Buffalo Mozzarella, with its texture and flavour makes your taste buds go to heaven; Extra Virgin Olive Oil poured traditionally from a copper oil jug to keep its beautiful essence and the fresh Basil are the base for any delicious pizza.

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Postcard From Napoli