Finding some zen on Lugarno Boardwalk

Lugarno local Tina shares a favourite family space to escape to that is right on their doorstep and how a little zen time can be closer than you think.

You know those days, the ones where it feels like the wheels are falling off and even the simplest little task, say putting shoes on, feels like a high stakes negotiation that requires you to be on your game if you’re ever to succeed. Little sleep, toddler tantrums, crumbs forever on your kitchen floor, kind of days.

In this season of life I’ve learnt I need strategies, lots of quick and easy strategies to help my little ones and to help maintain my own sanity. A quick trip down to Lugano boardwalk has become one of those little sanity maintaining strategies I stumbled across years ago.

Georges River, Lugarno BoardwalkThis little boardwalk is somewhat of a local secret, much like most of the parks and bush walks in Lugarno. It’s located where the old car ferry once was. The boardwalk is just before you get to Lugarno seafood. There isn’t much there and that’s partly what makes it so lovely in that it’s quiet and beautiful. It makes it the perfect place to catch your breath when you don’t have much time to invest in a bush walk or the like. You can park your car, take a few steps and be by the water.

Typically we duck into Lugano Bakery to pick up a treat, either some of their delicious sausage rolls which my kids adore or some ginger bread men and we head down to the jetty for a quick 20 minutes of sunshine, where I can sit and breath deep while they run around and burn some energy off.

Lugarno boardwalk activities Georges RiverThey love hunting in the little patch of bush for sticks and rocks and then throwing them into the water to see what sinks or floats and I love slowing down to watch them play, to notice how little they need to find wonder in this world. Other times, we bring the scooters and they scoot up and down the board walk. It’s not a big board walk by any stretch of the imagination but it is peaceful, accessible and makes for a great spot to slow down to catch your breath whatever age you may be.

Tina is a local creative who, with her husband Jarrod, runs a photographic project capturing a select number of weddings per year. You can find them over here


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