The silver lining to the covid cloud

We are excited to bring you a new business & lifestyle online ecosystem that shamelessly celebrates our region of Sydney.

At a time when we have all been forced to change and re-think our lives and priorities and amidst all the fears and uncertainties, there have been many silver linings to the covid cloud and the restrictions to our typical freedoms. As a father of two energetic young kids and a small business owner in the tourism space (tumbleweeds galore) I, like so many of you, have been seeing life from a whole new perspective and trying to relax, adapt and enjoy the upsides. One of the biggest changes I have experienced in my own attitude is how I have viewed and engaged with and maybe even valued the local community on our doorstep. As a ‘local’ to the area of a little over 10 years I guess you could say that I am still finding my way around, especially now with a young family as community becomes more important and the desire to be connected grows stronger.

“..seeing life from a whole new perspective and trying to relax, adapt and enjoy the upsides”

As we all inevitably learn, our ways of thinking will play a huge role in our lived experience and this too applies to where we live and the people, places & spaces that surround us. For us as a family these recent events and enforced changes have enabled us and been a catalyst to see our patch of Sydney in a new and even better light. We have walked, biked, hiked and eaten our way through our local area, finding new streets, meeting business owners, making new connections and learning about our suburban home in new ways. Discovering a historic cinema site in Mortdale, finding stunning new secluded vistas of George’s River at Connell’s Point, meeting a local drone pilot who captures our area from an amazing perspective and enjoying countless new culinary discoveries just to name a few.



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